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Hey there welcome to another blog post on simple mehndi design. Mehndi is one of the holiest divine armaments of most Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Mostly mehndi is used as an armament by girls and women. Mehndi is used to decorate their hands, plans, foot, etc.

Basically, mehndi is known as henna in some countries. Before the decade girls and women were used mehndi to decorate themselves.

When it comes to a wedding and festivals like Eid, Diwali, Karwa-Chauth, Makar Sankranti, etc. girls and women are giving their first priority to mehndi when it comes to decorating themselves.

If you don’t know about mehndi then you have to know that mehndi is the process of decorating human bodies like hands, feet, palms, etc. with some colors.

In mehndi mostly used dark brown color, the mehndi paste is made by some natural gradient, that is made by dry leaves of henna plants.

After taking dry leaves, then it has to leave in the open sunshine, so it can dry completely. Then grinding these leaves to make a powder. You can use mehndi by adding water to that green powder that is repaired by henna leaves.

You can add lemon juice also to get more dark color on mehndi while putting on hands. Actually “Mehndi” word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Mendika

But nowadays lots of mehndi were made in some factories and giving some fragrant that smells good,. But in some cases, this type of mehndi may be infected your body so be careful while choosing mehndi brands.

You can use mehndi in some different ways because it has some natural ingredients, if your hair getting white then you can use mehndi paste to again black your hair.

Doctors also refer mehndi to cancer patients when their hair starting falling to cure their hair fall and mehndi helps their head scalp to natural color.

Basically, mehndi is made by green leaves and powder also green color but after applying this to your hand it left a brown color.

Nowadays peoples were decorated their hands and feet with some different colors like white and golden as taking these as mehndi colors.

Applying mehndi is not an easy job, you have to practice as much as possible to get a beautiful design in your hand.

If you don’t know how to apply mehndi in your hand we suggest you take a look at our blog that has already written how to apply mehndi designs in your hand.

When you are a beginner and trying to apply mehndi in your hand, you always try some simple mehndi design to draw.

If you don’t know how to draw lines and making some tiny eye-catching objects then you read our blog, the link is already given.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Here we are going to give you some simple designs of mehndi that you try yourself and easily you can apply yourself if give some time on it and practicing on it.

Here are the best simple and easy mehndi designs 

Best Simple Mehndi Designs

Here are the 20 best eye-catching simple mehndi designs with beautiful pictures that you have to give an eye and apply to your mehndi designs,

here basically we will talk about the only hands mehndi designs

1. Simple Finger Mehndi Designs

Applying mehndi is not a big deal but you have to learn and practice as much as possible to give a stunning looking hand and finger.

First, we will start designing our fingers with mehndi. These are some example of simple finger mehndi

You can also check this simple finger mehndi design, that will give you a definitely help you to make your hands and finger beautifully.

If you are thinking about these designs is not easy for you then we have a simple tip for you that simply you have to differentiate between all designs and practice that tiny objects and apply.

Here the tiny object that is used in the upper image, you can see that below

We hope we are solving your quires


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2.One Finger mehndi designs

In mehndi, you can design and decorate your hands, feet, and palm in your own way.

We are just giving some additional evergreen style that you can also try if you are not able to find something attractive.

Here are some photos of one finger mehndi designs

You can try these in your all festivals like Diwali, Holi, Makar Sankranti, etc.

3. Palm Mehndi Designs

We suggest you to when drawing mehndi designs then always starting from the upper hand side finish with the palm.

Here are some of the images of palm mehndi design


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designing mehndi is a skill, so never think that you will learn one day or one week it will need some time to learn so be inpatient you will learn easily by practicing daily


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beautiful things take time so when you going to drawing mehndi try be inpatient may sometimes it will take some more time


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some more palm mehndi designs you can check out


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look at this awesome mehndi designs you may fall in love with this


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4. Full Hand Mehndi Design

These are awesome designs that be perfect for brides and for weddings. These are more tricky and you need to practice more to get these designs to look beautiful.

In the season of the wedding, the most attractive thing every girl wants is mehndi not only simple mehndi they want a full hand that is decorated with mehndi.

So here are some of the best wedding mehndi design for the bride


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Note: always wash your hand before applying mehndi


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When you are going to apply these heavy designs in your hand at first you have to make a picture in your mind that where to start drawing and where to finish the drawing.

Also, you have to find out the tiny objects that are used in the full hands mehndi then put them in your hands.

5. Traditional Mehndi Designs

With mehndi, you can try lots of designs of your own choice. One of the most popular mehndi design is traditional mehndi designs.

Here you have to just put some particular traditional tiny graphics that take your mehndi to the next level, check out this

6. Flower Mehndi Designs

The most popular mehndi designs that everyone likes is the flower mehndi designs.

In flower mehndi designs they put some variety of flowers like lily, rose, etc, and decorate it.

Here you have to focus on the proper placement of flowers in your mehndi otherwise it may not look beautiful, look at these flowers mehndi designs


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you can check out this tutorial also


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some more flowers mehndi designs

7. Forearm mehndi designs

Forearm mehndi designs are a little difficult to do. But these are giving awesome looks to the full hand mehndi designs, check it out below

Forearm mehndi design are little had because you have to design full hand with with curved surface

some more forearm mehndi designs


We hope this article will solve your queries. if you like our this amazing article then share with your friends and if any suggestion you want to give kindly comment us below we will definitely answer your comments, thank you.

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