how to put mehndi designs for hands step by step guide

how to put mehndi designs for hands step by step guide4 min read

Before we learn about how to put mehndi designs for hands step by step guide, let’s know something about mehndi.

Hello guys I hope you are doing well in your life. In most Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. when the time comes to a festival or any occasion, mehndi is the most important thing for girls and also for women.

When it comes to marriage the level of craziness of mehndi is touching the sky.

Girls were love to wear mehndi because it has a nice smell and an adorable design that make them feel confident.

Basically, mehndi has used to decorate hands, arms, and feet and this the most important thing for a girl when it comes to beautifying themselves.

Nowadays, the craze of mehndi is growing so lots of people were made it a business, so you can think about the madness of girls for mehndi.

Lots of girls were facing problems to decorate their hands, palms, and feet with mehndi, many are known about this but some of them facing problems to decorate.

So today we are going to tell you about how to put mehndi designs for hands step by step. After reading this you can easily decorate your hands with mehndi. Without wasting time lets me know about this

How to put mehndi designs for hands step by step

Girls thought that applying mehndi on hand is a very difficult job, but in reality, isn’t. Applying mehndi and decorating hand is a very process if you know about this.

It’s all about your interest, how much time you will give to learn applying mehndi and practicing this. If someone never tried mehndi to decorate your hand doesn’t worry, in this article you will easily get to know how to put mehndi designs for your hands.

  1. Clean your hand and that hand where you will apply mehndi
  2. Set your mehndi cone that fit to your hand
  3. Start where you would feel comfortable
  4. Choose a comfortable place to design mehndi

these are the basics to remember while drawing mehndi. While putting mehndi in your hand you have to remember that always use herbal mehndi otherwise in some cases your hands may get affected.

We suggest you draw a single line in your hand to check the mehndi you purchased is suitable or not to your body.

If you are thinking that this is only the steps of putting mehndi design in your hand no you are wrong below we will talk about how to start from scratch if you are a beginner.

How to start applying mehndi

Lots of girls were thinking that how to start, where to start applying mehndi. Don’t worry my dear girls we will tell you everything that you can easily understand.

If you are a beginner then we suggest you start making some small mehndi designs and learn to give proper position then go forward to the bigger designs like a peacock, flower, petals, etc.

Always start from a normal and small object like some pattern designs, small circle designs, etc.

we are giving some example here you can make it to your practice

how to put mehndi designs for hands

As a beginner practice these objects to design your hand with mehndi. After learning these steps go for the next steps.

Practicing your hand for mehndi design

As you know that “Practice makes a man perfect” you have to practice as much as possible. When start practicing you will discover a lot of things and technique.

But while practicing, you have to check that what you are doing is look attractive or not. So you can do it by showing your design to your friends or your family members.

We know that mirror is the best tool for practicing anything. So you can also practice your mehndi designs, here you can draw your designs on the mirror and easily erase by tissue paper.

Let’s know about what should you need to practice mehndi design:

  1. Any mehndi cone you want
  2. Printed copies of mehndi book/designs
  3. Mirror
  4. Tissue paper

I already told you that this is not a difficult job, after practicing just some days you can get your result.

These are the basics steps of how to put mehndi for your hands. No, this article not ends here, below we will give you some more information and a guide to drawing some awesome designs in mehndi.

Easy patterns for mehndi design

We suggest you to before advanced designs of mehndi you should have to practice as much as possible because of when you will practice your hands set to the cone and set a grip that is very important.

If your hand is grip to the mehndi cone then it’s time for advanced designs of mehndi. Below we give you some of easy pattern you can practice them

how to put mehndi designs for hands step by step guide tutorial

After trying this you will get know how easy is that draw mehndi design, yes. See the below mehndi designs when and practices them to grow your mehndi design skill

mehndi design draw easy steps

These are the basic and simple design to as a beginner you should start learning from this.

mehndi design draw easy step

Starting something is hard but after starting that thing you will get a direction to do that and then you feel easy for you as time goes.

mehndi design draw in easy steps

these are the basics design of mehndi but you can learn a lot from them. Small objects like dot/bullet list, flower, outline, lines, curved line, etc. are made a big beautiful mehndi designs.

you can learn new small tiny things from searching on google and practicing them. We are just given here some tiny objects but you can make yourself better design by adding some letters, numbers, flowers, etc.

Let’s know about some better mehndi designs

Flowers mehndi designs

these are the some of the tiny mehndi designs and also some flowers mehndi designs

flowers mehndi designsThese are some of the example of tiny mehndi design to look more attractive your mehndi

tiny mehndi designtiny mehndi designs

these are some borderline patterns, it may give a completely different look

line border mehndi design

you can use all of them to make your eye-catching stunning mehndi designs in your hands by practicing them.

Here are some more tiny mehndi styles

tiny eye catching mehndi designs


Here we are given a lot of tiny mehndi designs object you can apply them to make your hands beautiful and give a proper guide to designing your mehndi. For more information and mehndi tutorials follow our website

Here we discussed, how to put mehndi designs in your hands step by step. We hope that this article had solved your queries.

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